Professional Data Crawling-JP N1/N2~$1000

Salary: 1000$ Fulltime 30/04/2023
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Scope of work

1. 業務範囲:

– 医療分野におけるWeb掲載データの収集
– 上司へのプロジェクト関連レポートの作成
– プロジェクトメンバーの日本語翻訳をサポート
– 日本チームに連絡

1. Scope of work:
– Collection of data posted on the web in the medical field
– Create project related reports for your boss
– Support Japanese translation for project members
– Contact Japan team

Your Skills and Experience

2. 要件:
- N1相当以上の高い日本語レベル
 - チームワークスキル

 - コンピュータの使用に習熟している
-  Microsoft Excel Macroが使える人(VBAなどの資格があれば尚よし)

2. Requirements:
- High Japanese level equivalent to N1 or higher

→ You will interact with Japanese staff on a daily basis.
- Hardworking, enthusiastic
- Teamwork skills
- Proficient in using computers
Ability to use Microsoft Excel Macro (VBA or other qualifications are a plus)
→ You will be required to perform work using selenium (with training).


3. 利点:
給与:~20,000,000 VNĐ (総額)
プレミアム保険、 健康診断など

3. Benefits:
【Full time】
Salary: ~20,000,000 VNĐ (gross)
Salary review twice a year. There is a Tet bonus and performance bonus four times a year.
Full salary social insurance
Premium insurance, health checkups, etc.
Various in-house clubs: yoga, badminton, etc.
Improve your Japanese skills through direct interaction with Japanese people and in-house advanced Japanese courses